Students from 8-15 years old in Hanoi



1. Conditions for registration

  • Groups of 2 – 4 members.
  • The product submitted is suitable to the theme of “17 sustainable development goals by 2030 of the United Nations “.
  • Use WordPress platform to design your website
  • Participants upload the products to the website:
  • Deadline for registration & submission: from 01/05/2019 to 31/05/2019.
  • With selected products fo the Final Round, participants keep the right to upgrade their website until the day of Final Round.
  • Online vote will be tentatively opened from 13/06/2019 to the day of Final Round
  • The Final Round: tentative 16/06/2019.
  • Only participants who fully submitted all information on the website are valid participants:
  • Participants need to register the correct information according to regulations and be responsible for the accuracy of the information.
  • Participants are responsible for the copyright, image, sound etc. of the submitted products.
  • Submitted products must be completed and must not violate the fine customs, politics and regulations of Vietnam.
  • Candidate and their team have to read and agree with the detail of regulation on organiser’s website:

2. Tools

  • Software/ Base: WordPress
  • Participant groups need to prepare and bring all necessary equipment such as tools, software, laptops / tablets on the competition day.
  • Participant groups need to bring a full set of spare parts (replacement equipment). The Organizer is not responsible for the maintenance or replacement of equipment with malfunction or damage.
  • Coaches are not allowed to enter the competition area to give instructions and guidances during the competition time.

3. General descriptions

  • Participant groups are responsible for exhibiting and presenting products.
  • Display area, display model includes
  • Computers, laptops, tablets which show the products
  • Posters showing criteria for sustainable development
  • Participant groups will create posters to share about the process of idealing, designing and completing their products. The poster includes the following contents:
    • Research: Present knowledge of the UN’s sustainable development goals and ideas related to its products.
    • Creation and Experiment: Presenting products, presenting the way they were created on WordPress platform, tools and technologies integrated in website designing process
    • Sharing: Sharing group information, advantages and disadvantages in the process of researching and designing products. In addition, the groups will need to share new ideas to upgrade the products in the future.

*Suggestions: participants can write, draw or use pictures, small objects to decorate their posters.

  • Participant groups are allowed to prepare products and posters before the competition starts. Participant groups will have a total of 30 minutes to prepare beforhand, 10 minutes to present and answer questions. In the case of having the best teams with equal scores, the jury will make sub-questions to choose the team who will compete in the presentation round.
  • Participant groups who were chosen to compete in the presentation round will present about their products jury and will be scored according to the regulated criteria.

Please note that the submitted products and posters must be kept UNCHANGED in all competition day. The organizers will regularly check these products and posters, if there are groups violating this rule, they will be eliminated from the competition.

4. Theme discriptions

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), also known as Global Goals, are universal goals designed to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity for every people in UN member country by 2030. Sustainable development goals are the continuation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
  • SDGs are based on six areas including: Human Dignity, People, Planet, Cooperation, Justice and Prosperity. These goals go beyond social development, including goals for climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace, fairness … The goals are connected together therefore if we achieve one goal, we can solve other field-related issues.
  • To understand more clearly about “17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations to 2030”, teams will do research on:
    • Content of 1 or some sustainable development goals
    • Do research on the solutions for those goals.
    • Build website on wordpress platform and posters to present about discoveries and insights of individual or the whole group.

 5. Competition Rules

  • Time for preparing, arranging and decorating competition area is 30 minutes.
  • Time for presentation and Q&A of each turn is 10 minutes.
  • Teams in both leagues shall present twice the same content to two groups of judge. The average score is taken from two turns. All teams in both leagues must choose either Vietnamese or English, or both to present.

6. Evaluation criteria

  • Idea: new and creative, unique, suitable with current social situation.
  • Design: attractive, impressive, easy to use
  • Experience: easy to use, scientific, fast browsing speed, consistent content through pages.
  • Presentation: product introducing ability is comprehensive and creative
  • Technology: Ability of applying technology knowledge to the group’s website
  • Team spirit: showing cooperation and connection between members.

*Point calculation method (can be changed and updated latest 30 days before the final)



  • Information and support to candidate: Aprile – May, 2019.
  • Registration and Submission: From 1st May – 31st May, 2019.
  • Final round: Week 2 of June 2019 in BVIS Hanoi (to be confirmed)



1. Uncultured infringment

If any team violate the rules, they will not be given mark and at the sam time, will be informed clearly about their mistake.

2. Uncultured infringment

One team will be considered having uncultured infringement if team members use neither bad language or gesture to humiliate, offend the referee or competitors nor writing, drawing, designing posters with violated images and words. If any team have uncultured infringement, they will be announced losing the match and will be deducted the whole mark as long as be informed clearly about their mistake.

3. Competition infringement:

One team will be considered having competition infringement if:

Edit the code, poster’s content during competition.

Each competition infringement will be noted as following: first infringement will be warned; second time will be deducted 20% of total mark. Third time will be deducted the whole mark.



When you employ a composition helper that will help you organize your essay, make sure that the one that you choose is compatible with your composing software.

When referee announced that one team had violated the rule of the competition, if that team disagrees, that team leader might raise their opinion in a short and polite way with the referee and ask whether he can reconsider. Referee can consider and give new announcement that is suitable with clooected evidence, or, keep the old announcement if there is no further evidence which can change the situation. All teams and organizer need to respect and agree with the final decision of referee.

Form of complaint: team leader might state his complaint to referee before or after each match.



1. Rule change

The organizer has the right to change or add rules that can be suitable with real condition. All changes or addition will be announced in 30 days before official competing day.

2. Referee’s decision

The referee has responsibility to take all the above rules for reference to make decision and to mark every match fairly. Although the organizer tried to compile and research these rules carefully, but in reality some sudden matters that were not included might happen. In such situation, the organizer will respect referee’s final decision.




Prize Quantiy Value
Winner 01 30.000.000
Runner Up 01 20.000.000
Second Runner Up 01 10.000.000
Incentives 03 5.000.000
Extra 05 different prizes:

– Online Voting

– Best UI/UX Design

– Best Solution

– Best technique

– Best Team Performance


*Prizes include cash, presents & scholarships from Organizers.