Q&A about My Website – My Profile

May 24, 2019 - 7:41

To help contestants clear rules and regulations of the competition, below we summarized the popular questions and answers from introduction workshops and seminars organized at British Vietnamese International School, Vinschool the Harmony, The Olympia School and St Paul American School. If you don’t find your question in the list, feel free to contact us for consultancy.

  1. Registration and product submission

When will students have to register team’s information?

Students should register for the team on https://mywebsitemyprofile.com/en/register/ as soon as possible so that the Organizing Committee can send announcement, instructions and updated/adjusted information to the team. Instruction for product submission will also be sent to the team at the end of May.


Can students submit contest products before the deadline on 07/06/2019?

Yes. But students should take their time to do research on SDGs’ solutions while designing the website. We suggest the team utilize all the time allowed for the best preparation. Remember the theme of the competition is also an utmost important element in parallel with the website as the technology element.


  1. Contest products

A full set of contest products include the main product which is a website with content about the chosen SDGs and team’s solutions, achievements, plans, etc. to achieve those goals, and supportive materials includes:

  • A presentation (can be a PDF/PPT, students are free to choose any tools for presentation design) describes the website’s features, highlights, the content on team’s SDG solutions and the team itself
  • A video demonstrates the website (up to 2 minutes)
  • A picture or design file of the poster for the final round


Can the products for the First Round and the Final Round be different?

No. The product submitted for the First Round will be qualified to go to the Final. Contestants can update the website but cannot or no need to change the whole website. If the contestants use another website on the Final Round, they will not be evaluated.


Can contestants edit or update the website after submission?

Yes. The contest websites can be updated by the time of presentation in the Final Round.


What is the poster about?

The poster should show highlights of the main product (the website), the research results (SDGs, solutions, teams’ action) and sharing about team’s journey

  • Research: Present knowledge of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ideas related to its products.
  • Creativity and Experiment: Presenting products, presenting the way they were created on WordPress platform, tools and technologies integrated in website designing process
  • Sharing: Sharing group information, advantages and disadvantages in the process of researching and designing products. In addition, the groups will need to share new ideas to upgrade the products in the future.

What should we present in the video?

It should be a demo of the website. An idea is to record the desktop while contestants go through some pages on their website to describe main features, contents, menus, etc.


  1. The contest theme: 17 SDGs

How many SDGs can a team choose to research?

Each team can choose one or more goals in the list of 17 SDGs. However, we suggest teams should choose a few goals they would like to achieve, then deeply do research and find solutions for them.


If I didn’t do any sustainable projects, what should I share on the website?

The solutions can be what you did, what you are doing or what you are planning to do. You still have time to start a sustainable project from research, planning, experiments, etc.


  1. Website design tools and resources (images, music)

Does the website have to be built on WordPress?

Yes. WordPress is compulsory as the main platform for website development in this competition.


Can I use Photoshop, Canva.com, etc.?

Teams can use any software to design website’s interface, images, posters, presentations.


Do I have to modify images to avoid the copyrights?

No. To respect copyrights of the images, videos, music, etc., contestants should cite the sources where they get the resources for their website.