Prize list of the final round 2019 – My Website My Profile competition

June 17, 2019 - 11:11

Congratulations to our winners of My Website My Profile 2019: St Paul Elementary Team of Board A and 2BKL of Board B for their brilliant performances. There are also 2 Second Prizes, 2 Third Prizes, 6 Consolation Prizes and many Prizes for Best Performers, Best Idea, Best Solution, Best Technique awarded to the deserved teams in the final round. Please check the prize list below to find your team.

All of the teams amazed our judges by their creative ideas and well-developed websites. As the organizers, we thank you for accompanying with us during the journey. We’re proud to witness your improvement so far.

STT Board Team name Team member Prize School
1 Board A (8-11 years old) St. Paul Elementary Team Geon Ho Lee First Prize and Best Technique St. Paul American School
2 Ho Rim Han St. Paul American School
3 Board A (8-11 years old) BVIS Go Green Phạm Đình Thiện Second Prize BVIS Hanoi
4 Nguyễn Bá Huy BVIS Hanoi
5 Nguyễn Cường Thịnh BVIS Hanoi
6 Phùng Tuấn Minh BVIS Hanoi
7 Board A (8-11 years old) chautrangvanlamyi Minh Phương Bảo Trang Third Prize BVIS Hanoi
8 Vũ Minh Châu BVIS Hanoi
9 Trần Lê Mai Lâm BVIS Hanoi
10 Tsai Chung Yi BVIS Hanoi
11 Board A (8-11 years old) KIEN&HUNG Nguyễn Khắc Kiên Consolation Prize and Best Performance BVIS Hanoi
12 Vũ Hùng Anh BVIS Hanoi
13 Board A (8-11 years old) UN Global Goals BVIS Nguyễn Xuân Anh Consolation Prize and Best Poster BVIS Hanoi
14 Lê Linh Chi BVIS Hanoi
15 Lê Kiều Minh Thư BVIS Hanoi
16 Dương Mỹ Linh BVIS Hanoi
17 Board A (8-11 years old) Earth Trios Savers Tạ Hữu Quang Consolation Prize BVIS Hanoi
18 Đỗ Minh Đức BVIS Hanoi
19 Nguyễn Đình Khôi Nguyên BVIS Hanoi
20 Board A (8-11 years old) Pro Team Ta Gia Bach Best Idea BVIS Hanoi
21 Vo Khai Minh BVIS Hanoi
22 Board A (8-11 years old) Shinamororu Lê Minh Hương Best Solution BVIS Hanoi
23 Nguyễn Mai Lâm BVIS Hanoi
24 Board B (12-15 years old) 2BKL Nguyễn Phương Thuỷ First Prize and Best Technique The Olympia Schools
25 Nguyễn Khánh Linh The Olympia Schools
26 Board B (12-15 years old) Clean n’ Green Nguyễn Bá Khang Hưng Second Prize Alfred Nobel
27 Nguyễn Nhật Linh Alfred Nobel
28 Trần Thái Khanh TH School
29 Board B (12-15 years old) Julie & Sally Hyun Song Lee Third Prize St. Paul American School
30 Chae Won An St. Paul American School
31 Board B (12-15 years old) Fantastic Four Phạm Thanh Hằng Consolation Prize Vinschool Times City
32 Vũ Phương Hoa Vinschool Times City
33 Nguyễn Hồng Hân Vinschool Times City
34 Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Anh Vinschool Times City
35 Board B (12-15 years old) St.Paul 7th grade boys Junseo Jang Consolation Prize St. Paul American School
36 Minjun Kim St. Paul American School
37 Nguyen Quang Hieu St. Paul American School
38 Joonho An St. Paul American School
39 Board B (12-15 years old) The Butter Bread Holy Tribal Dummies Joon Bong AHN Consolation Prize ISV
40 Anh Thuy DUONG ISV
41 Phuong Minh NGUYEN ISV
42 Board B (12-15 years old) The Typist Nguyen Phan Ngoc Minh Best Idea Vinschool the Harmony
43 Nguyen Hoang Ha Vinschool the Harmony
44 Dinh Van Thanh Trung Vinschool the Harmony
45 Nguyen Khanh Linh Vinschool the Harmony
46 Board B (12-15 years old) Eco Academy Ngô Thọ Quang Best Performance Hanoi Thang Long Xala
47 Ngô Phương Anh Hanoi Thang Long Xala
48 Board B (12-15 years old) MADX Ngô Quang Minh Best Solution The Olympia Schools
49 Nguyễn Quang Duy The Olympia Schools
50 Nguyễn Thuận An The Olympia Schools
51 Nguyễn Như Xuân The Olympia Schools
52 Board B (12-15 years old) The Atoms Nguyễn Lê Khánh Linh Best Poster The Olympia Schools
53 Đỗ Thị Diệu Minh The Olympia Schools
54 Trần Thúy Hạnh The Olympia Schools