Create your participant account

1. How to create a WordPress website online

Step 1: Access the link and click to “Free Sign Up”

Step 2: Fill in the name, email, password and click to “Register Now”

Step 3: Select “Click here”

Step 4: Select “wordpress”

Step 5: Select “theme” and “Next”

Step 6 :  Select “Next”

Step 7 : Name for the group

Step 8: Fill in the title of website, email, username, password and select “Next”

Step 9: Select “Install Now”

Step 10: After finishing install process,  access your site’s frontend and login into the control panel of the website to build up the content of the website.

2. How to submit team’s information and contest product

Teams submit registration information and contest product at:

Step 1: Fill general information of the team including the chosen table, team’s name, profile picture and team leader’s name

Step 2: Fill personal information of each team member. Please note that the number of members in each team should not below 2 or exceed 4. Members of a team could be from different schools.

Teams can choose to add more members on the list (see the blue button) or the instructor’s information (if any)

Step 3: Submit contest products, including

  • Presentation file, product details (in the format of PDF, PowerPoint including demonstration images of the product)
  • Demonstration video of the product (less than 2 minutes)
  • Word file including link to the group’s website
  • Poster to introduce the product’s ideas


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