Criteria to select the suitable theme for your WordPress website

May 24, 2019 - 11:29

WordPress’ theme library is huge. However, to choose a theme matching with your purpose of use and the characteristics of the website is not an easy task. In this article, My Website – My Profile’s Organizing Committee summarizes the most important criteria from experienced WordPress developers to help candidates have the right perspective when choosing a theme.

1. Purpose of use

This is the first thing to consider. This element will help you remove a large number of inappropriate parts for your website.

For example:

  • If you want to create a blog: Choose topics with a highlighted title section and clear slidebars. On that basis, people can quickly find the article they need.
  • If you are doing a sales website: Topics that are e-commerce-oriented with WooCommerce will be the best option for you.
  • If your website posts a lot of different content: Now you should choose the topic about the magazine. It will help you highlight groups, categories, categories …

2. Determine necessary features for the website

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When building websites, design is only a part of the work. You also need to make sure the website has the necessary functions. Does the website need to handle many members who register for the website? Does it need to handle calculations in e-commerce? Should the slide show feature be upgraded to present design templates or photo collections?

Designers will build these features to suit each theme. If wisely choose for yourself a sample that best suits the purpose. You will save a lot of time and effort to design and administer.

In addition, wordpress plug-ins are also very diverse. It is another solution for you to diversify features for your website.

3. Simplicity

Many themes with complex layouts and eye-catching animation. You can be attracted to those themes when you first view the demo.

But do they really give you value?

You need to consider carefully when choosing them.

Such themes often have too many functions that you probably never use. In addition, too complex layouts make visitors feel confused about finding the information they need.

You may be interested in: a list of 27 themes with simple designs.

4. Responsive interface is a must-have

The responsive interface is the ability to change the layout depending on the screen size and access device of visitors.

More than 60% of people access Google using mobile devices. Therefore, Google will prioritize mobile-friendly websites in its search list.

In other words, the theme is user-friendly on handheld devices such as table and mobile, which will have a higher SEO value than a mobile-friendly theme.

Now all WordPress themes support responsive capabilities.

You can also easily check whether the theme has responsive support in two ways:

The easiest way is to resize the browser window. If the theme supports responsive, the theme’s layout will be adjusted to suit the browser size

The other way is to use Google’s mobile friendly testing tool.

5. Browser compatibility

Users can browse websites on different browsers. You definitely want the website to look perfect on popular browsers. Something like breaking the screen when browsing on IE for example is definitely unacceptable.

Most theme developers have mentioned browser compatibility issues on the theme information page.

If you don’t find this information, you can retry the theme demo page on important browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

You also pay attention to checking on the browser that runs on handheld devices like phones.

6. Support plugins installment

Although rarely happens, but you are sure the theme you intend to install supports the popular plugins today.

If you have problems with the plugin installation, please go to the theme provider support.

7. Multi-linguage

If you want to build a website towards the Vietnamese market, the theme must be ready for translation into Vietnamese.

Many Junkies themes support very well the theme translation into Vietnamese. The theme document also has detailed instructions.

8. Theme update

WordPress is an open source and you cannot know behind it always stalking about security threats. So keeping your WordPress and Themes versions, Plugins up to date is crucial. Give priority to themes that are updated regularly as well as the latest updates. That is the sign that the theme is always taken care of and has good resistance to threats from the Internet.

9. Community’s feedbacks

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With the strength is a massive WordPress community, why not take advantage of that? Please consult the reviewer, the number of subscribers, the feedback on the quality of the user. You can expand to know the author’s reputation, the authors write the theme. All that information will give you a great deal of useful information in choosing a suitable and quality theme.